We develop and implement technologies for marine assessment and planning worldwide.


Our team of developers and marine spatial planning practitioners support science-based, transparent and stakeholder-driven efforts to develop sustainable plans for ocean uses. There are two keys to our success. First, our software engineers that developer our tools have deep knowledge and experience in science and planning, and located at the Marine Science Institute at the University of California Santa Barbara since 2004. They have studied environmental science and marine biology, and immersed themselves in the field of marine spatial planning for over a decade. Our planners, who implement our software in planning initiatives all over the globe, are guided by our software engineers in an "agile development" framework. Daily, our engineers and planners meet to discuss how our tools will be developed to reflect the needs of stakeholders in real-world applications. 

Software Development

Our collective experience as software engineers and marine scientists means that we develop technologies that are custom tailored to the needs of planners, managers and scientists. SeaSketch, is our flagship application for stakeholder-driven planning, emphasizing science-based information, transparency and inclusiveness. 

Process Support

We support planning initiatives all over the world. Regardless of your experience with science and technology, you should be afforded the opportunity to participate in planning your ocean space using the best available science-based information. We can help you do that. 




Location – UCSB Marine Science Institute, Santa Barbara, CA
Lab Members – 5
Developers – 3
Planners –  2


Web App Development
Mobile App Development
Geospatial Tool Development
Marine Spatial Planning
Process Facilitation
Project Management
GIS Support
Needs Assesments


Cook Islands
Galapagos Islands
South Pacific
New Zealand
United Kingdom